Monday, November 14, 2011

Today, blog a thon

Loool i have spent  the day resting listening to my mom have a good ole time with my active 3yr old. Its funny at times he will get mad cause she tells him to pick up the toys, then he says "I HATE YOU"  she would say that doesn't phase me boy, i head it at least 3x a day from your mommy..... then after 10 mins its "I love you".... I have learned when he says that to me i will tell him, well I love you, then its a shouting match of he hate me and i love him till he gets it out and come to me says mother i love you, really best words to hear......

I am focusing on Turkey Trot #Giveaway Hop. I love the hops that i can go from one page to the next.  I have got alot down that now i don't have to gfc everyone cause i already have or email them. My next goal is to start a blog roll of my own of who I follow on Twitter, Fb GFC, Network blog.... I have an Idea I will find a elec FREE roladex to store all that i have.

So all i have been doing is resting when i want to get up and jump around and be active but nope.... This week will be crazy i know i have court on 16th,17th and 21st and 22nd...... I'm trying to be positive and outgoing. I wish all this was over and DH is gone from our lives so we can move on.

I am ready to start a new life of my own... the one where i am the head of the household not some man....In the same time I'm afraid to fall, but as long as I keep my eye ahead and upwards, my heart in faith i will be ok.......

Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind - Dr Sessus

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Today is Nov 13 I have been out of the Hosp since Friday afternoon. I knew I was going to be in pain but didn’t think this much. I thought I would start my blog again. So let me re start by saying I am a Muslim woman.  My Blog is meant for me to vent, not to hurt or harm just to get the stuff from my head. Some of its nice and some not.

So today its been rough the pain its over whelming I can’t get out of the bed I can’t comfortable in the bed. My mom has been helping me as much as she can but its hard she isn’t in the best health herself and she was in a car wreack that totaled her car. I have guilt over that cause she came here to me.

I also sit her being very angry that my DH (Soon to be x) caused this injury and he gets to play free.  I know he is going with courts but he can walk, and he has money and he has “our” friends support. Mainly because of the community that we live in, me being white he being Arab and well im to keep my mouth shut and stand alone……

Hahahaha! That wont happen, I am a white redneck southern woman my mouth is big. It’s the one good thing I got from my mom I guess. All around me say I should not air our dirtiness and I have been trying but im sick of the pats on the back he gets. And well I get to be lonely. Its ok cause I truly believe in karma and that Allah/God will give some one their due….. well I guess its time to go for a while I think the meds are kicking in again. Kids went to a theme park to have fun so the house is quiet I should sleep….

I have gotten back in to my blog sweepstakes again so im happy hope I win a few laters