Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Well ok update

Jul 4th we had the counseling and it went good, then afterwards went watch fireworks with the kids.

Jul 5-6 there was nothing really it was hot so I stayed in the house

7th was my birthday I was sad because my mom didn’t call me. However my dad He posted on my FB way telling me happy birthday. Had a fight with Dh as usual and had a cake joy to me I’m 35. Ok so I am not having the time of my life. This time of July I get very depressed and anti social with everything

Jul 8,9, was nothing but helping Dh with homework and laying in the bed.

July 10, this was the day that my daughter Gabby was born she would have been 11. Its hard Not knowing what that little life would have grown into. To top it all even I know that I don’t need more kids, and I’m still iffy  at wanting more but I’m hitting that I want a baby again. My health I shouldn’t, and DH he doesn’t want more. But to have a little girl…… yea so that’s been the depression of my week. I find my self dreaming and crying about it I feel so stupid and I dare not share it.  All my friends are having babies and my bro is due in a week for him and his gf to have their girl.

I did win a prize from Easy Daysies

Which made my day I can’t wait to get it I’m so excited to see it I really wanted it. It’s a magnet type planner that helps your kids keep on top of things.

Jul 11 was spent in the bed also with a migraine. I wish that I could just have a day where I’m not tired or in pain or depressed.

Today July 12 My mother in law got here this evening she was 4hrs late at meeting us after the stupid international part kept her for 4hrs. I know it wasn’t just here it was said it was crazy there so I know I guess. Waiting in an Airport with two kids isn’t fun for 5 hrs then we all were starved lool . We got Subway went home and here I am now typing . I am glad she is here I truly missed her I tell my DH all the time I love her more that I love you…… to be honest its true I love and have the greatest mother in law thank God

Ok now I will go help her unpack and maybe go to bed

Life is simple, it's just not easy.


  1. I hope you have a wonderful visit with your MIL! I'm glad you started a blog! Keep writing and don't get discouraged!