Thursday, June 23, 2011

1st day

Since I spend most of my time in my bed resting from foot surgery and fibromyalgia I thought that I would just blog about days of pain, triumphs, falls, trips and everyday stuff. This is for me alone at time it will be happy at time sad, and many may see depressing. I can not spell, and most of my stuff is random. I might post once a day or couple times a day and even skip. I am not here for anyone to poke fun at but just to get over not being about to talk to anyone.

Little about myself I am a mom, I have for kids 3 boys which are 2yrs,7yrs and 15 yrs, and one beautiful drama princess who is 17yrs old. I am married..... I stay at home but I do get out to drive kids to the places they need to go or something like that. Oh and to top it off, I am a MUSLIM, omg that felt good to say lool. It was almost like a 12step program to say that. Yes I cover, its called a hijab its a scarf thing on my head that I put on when i go out of my home, and no I don’t sleep in it or wear it in the shower. Islam is a big part of my life as in it my way of life, but I will not condemn you for being a heathen...... I always wanted to say that loool ok its bad joke, to be Honest I don’t care who you follow. It can be anyone for all I care as long as you allow my freedom to choose Allah and not make fun of what I do. I have many friends, of many faith and some who have no faith. Ok so now that the elephant is out of the room, on to what is today

I have been on the computer getting in to sweepstakes, what the hell I’m in bed have the computer and time let me win something, right? I hope so. I have to go soon because it is wash day, I take my older son C15 (1st letter in his name and his age) he helps me why N17 my daughter she baby-sits..... Washing for a house of 6 is to much but since I’m in an apartment with no washer and dryer in house, and the one provided by the apt is 1.75 sorry got to load the van, and wash the 15 loads that pile up over 2weeks at the laundry mat, but its a clean place. Well that the store for now and i am sticking to it looool ok Quote for this post is;

Everybody thinks every girl's dream is to find the perfect guy... pshhh, every girl's dream is to eat without getting fat!

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