Friday, June 24, 2011

Laughing up the night

Last night was just a ball with my kids. So we came back from washing the clothes. I asked C15, where is my boot for my food, he pointed to the cabinet  and said under there. I took a pause and said under where, he looks at me and the way he said it sounded like underwear, he looks at me and says mom did you just say that so I would say underwear, then we started laughing for a good 10 mins, by the way we were folding clothes.  Ok so maybe that wasn't so funny now that I jot it down.  The baby who is 2years old, Y2 he is being potty trained, and this boy says the funniest things.  Ok so I put him on the potty and he told me he had to caca so I said ok, so we are waiting and as he is sitting there the pulls up his male parts to his tummy point to his bottom he says mommy caca in butt right here..... Points and says you see, caca lost, omg I about fell out of m wheelchair from laughing, all the while I’m trying to tell him not to touch his parts and happens to be that my daughter N17 was in the other part of the bathroom where the sink is and we are just laughing and laughing omg lst night was so funny. How as a mom can you get on to your child for maybe doing something that he should and your laughing.

So as of right now I have been up since 10 am. I don't sleep well in the night I know it was past 3:30 before I went to sleep. S7 said to me this morning mom, Y7 is my bffl and mommy you are my bffl ( best friend for life) that’s what i woke to. I love when they are sweet, then they fully wake up and the turn to their mean, fighting between themselves over every toy, movie, object uff!

Well i guess it off the blogbash 2011 loool I’m crazy!


I have the cutest most random alarm ever! It's settings include: Mom I'm hungry, Mom I gotta poop, Mom where is the remote, and my favorite Mom are you asleep!?

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